Audiovisual Artist
Sound Sculptor





Noitu is the audio-visual output of Saso Puckovski a cross-disciplinary artist hailing from Skopje, Macedonia.

Saso’s work spans across the spheres of sound art, audio-visual performance and installation art. His main interests are focused within the fields of site-specific and environmental interventions; building immersive experiences by using sound, imagery and interactivity as well as a constant research into the territory of sonic consciousness, microtonality, non-standard tunings in music and atonal frequencies in sound.

Noitu’s musical approach can vary greatly, ranging from very clean and subtle layered drone textures and delicate ambient soundscapes to extremely precise rhythmic patterns, distorted but warm sounds and complexly arranged compositional structures.

Noitu is co-founder and label manager at DSPH Sounds and also 1/4 of now-defunct multi-laptop A/V collective: Disphilharmonia.